Typical of Apulian cultivars, the Ogliarola Barese is also known as “Paesana” or “Cima di Bitonto”. It is a commonly-found species in the central area of the province of Bari and it is mainly harvested by hand.

From this particular variety of olives, much appreciated since times of old, a delicate and fine extra-virgin olive oil is obtained, characterized by a fruity almond-like aroma, a slightly prickly after-taste and a pale yellow hue.


Originally from Corato, this variety is not only the mother of all the oils of the territory, but a typical product of Apulia and above all of the North countryside of Bari.

Coratina is characterized by a high concentration of polyphenols, powerful natural antioxidants with positive biomedical effects on human health. The favorable climatic conditions of the production area naturally lend themselves to their production cycle without farmers having to resort to the use of chemicals.

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