The De Carlo Farm has 100 hectares and almost 25,000 olive trees.
Between Autumn and Winter, olives are harvested by hand in a process that smacks of a sacred rite, before being crushed in the mill within 24 hours.
These time-efficient steps, characterized by dedication and expertise, guarantee the wholesomeness of the final product.

Thus the true extra virgin olive oil is created. The De Carlos have always used high tech in tandem with tradition and the oil-processing machinery with irreplaceable stone wheels, thus assuring the delicate taste typical of true Italian oil.

The preserves, vegetables and dishes seasoned with De Carlo oil exalt the genuineness of Puglia’s rural gastronomy.


(British Retail Consortium)

A global standard specific to the safety of agri-food products enables both the vendors and retailers of the Large Distributed Organization to ensure product quality and warranty for consumers.

(International Food Standard)

Being of the very highest standard, this international standard is very important to the food industries because it is based on a shared-assessment method that qualifies and selects food suppliers in order to ensure both food safety and the quality of product processing.


The Protected Designation of Origin “Terra di Bari – Bitonto” guarantees that the extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the processing of two olive varieties, namely Ogliarola Barese and Coratina, present alone or jointly, in quantities of not less than 80%. The oil bearing this denomination is produced exclusively in oil mills included in the geographical area.

(National Organic Program)

This system guarantees, according to the USDA guidelines provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, compliance with organic farming standards: from field cultivation to processing to the finished product intended for consumption.


Organic Agriculture Certification, issued by BIOS, guarantees the use of a production method that respects human and animal welfare, defends the environmental and cultural biodiversity of territories and protects the dignity of workers as well as consumer rights.

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