Cookies are code snippets that are automatically installed during navigation. They are used to save information of various types, in order to improve user browsing experiences. They are distinguished by the type of information processed: some cookies are required for the correct delivery of the site or useful for its personalized fruition; in this case, their inhibition could compromise some site features.

Cookie Types

Below is a list of descriptive typologies of the main types of cookies.

Persistent cookies:

  • remain stored, until their expiration, on the user / visitor’s device;
  • can be used to facilitate navigation within the site to facilitate access to services that require authentication; statistical purposes; track site-areas visited; manage the advertising space to deliver content and advertising in line with the choices made by navigators.

Session Cookies:
  • are not permanently stored on the user / visitor device and are removed when the browser is closed;
  • are used to convey the session identifiers needed to allow safe and efficient site browsing.
First-Part Cookies:
  • may be both persistent and session-related;
  • are managed directly by the owner and / or site manager and are used, for example, to ensure its technical operation (the so-called “technical cookies”) or to keep track of preferences expressed about the use of the site itself.
Third Party Cookies:
  • may be both persistent and session-related;
  • are generated and managed by persons outside the site visited by the user;
  • they are used, for example, to know the number of pages visited inside the site (“cookies” or “cookie analytics”) or to publish content or advertising on the site you are visiting.

Main purposes of cookies

Technical Cookies:
  • are necessary to allow site navigation and the use of certain products and services;
  • are used to recognize the user who has been authenticated and keeps the session open even when visiting other site pages.
Statistical cookies or “analytics”:
  • are used to track site performance, for example, to find out the number of pages visited or the number of users who viewed a particular section. Analyzing these cookies generates anonymous and aggregated statistics without reference to the identity of site navigators. They are also useful for evaluating any changes and improvements to be made to the site itself.
Cookies for storing preferences:
  • these are useful cookies to encourage the user to enjoy the site properly and to create a navigation experience that meets the expectations expressed. They are used, for example, to keep track of the language chosen.
Advertising cookies:
  • used for advertising space;
  • are installed by third parties;
  • some of them are used to calculate the value of the advertising offer, to identify individual advertising messages and to know which ones have been selected and when;
  • Behavioral Cookies and Retargeting Cookies are used to deduce a “navigator” profile and subsequently distribute advertisements that conform to your network behavior. This “profile” is anonymous and the information collected through these cookies does not allow you to retrieve your identity.
Social Network Cookies:
  • these are the cookies typically used to activate the “I Like” or to “Follow” the functions of the Social Network;
  • please refer to the privacy policies of each of the Social Network you use to find out the purpose and method for handling your personal data.

Cookies managed on

The cookies managed on this site are:

Managing cookies via browser

You can remove existing cookies and block the installation of new cookies by using browser options. Most popular browsers offer you the possibility to block third-party cookies solely by accepting the site’s own cookies. The procedure for managing cookies is different for each browser, so users should refer to the program guide used. For more information about cookies, please refer to (Italian language not available)

Privacy Preference Center

Essential technical and analytical anonymous cookies

This site uses technical cookies necessary for the proper functioning of its services. These cookies are not refusable as they constitute an integrated and fundamental element of the product itself. This site also uses the following anonymous analytical cookies necessary for the production of aggregate traffic statistics.

Technical cookies, profiling cookies, third-party cookies
_ga: Analytical provider Technological platform provider that allows data aggregation, analysis and reporting to evaluate marketing effectiveness.
Determines the visitor's preferred language. Allows the website to set the preferred language when the visitor returns.
Used to send data to Google Analytics about the device and behavior User. It keeps track of the user on marketing devices and channels. _gat: Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests _gid: Register a unique ID used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.