An Italian region exalting colors and traditions, bathed by two seas, a cradle of ancient civilizations and a crossroads of cultures, Apulia is rich in fascinating landscapes and unspoilt nature. Furthermore, it has remained authentic without giving up innovation, looking to the future with both awareness and positivity.

The history of De Carlo products came into existence, has evolved and continues to do so here, day after day, among the secular family-owned olive trees, the dry walls, the typical scarlet-red colored land, the Mediterranean climate and the whiter-than-white stone. The favorable climate of the region and, in particular, that of the northern area of Bari, has always contributed to the wholesomeness and genuineness of the oil. With its balanced, harmonious, almond flavor, our product offers all the fragrances of a unique soil.


Nodous trunks and deep roots: the centuries-old olive trees are the symbol of Puglia, where the majority of the oil consumed, loved and appreciated in Italy and around the world has been produced for over three thousand years. Though the earliest evidence of the use of olives dates back to times of prehistory, the first people to introduce the cultivation of olive trees in Apulia were likely to be the ancient Messapi.

Currently, oil production in the region is one of the main sources of income and work, thanks to the region boasting such a high number of trees (about sixty million). Every olive tree, has a history in itself: its memories, identity, roots, and maintenance.